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5 Must-See Places in Cross River State | StyleRave Tourism

Obudu Ranch


5 Must-See Places in Cross River State | StyleRave Tourism

The annual Christmas carnival in Calabar, Cross River has grown to become one of the biggest street parties in Africa | CRSiMAGES

The annual Christmas carnival in Calabar, Cross River has grown to become one of the biggest street parties in Africa | CRSiMAGES

There is no reason anyone can complain of boredom while visiting Cross River State! From the hospitality to the people to vacation spots, natural habitats, arts and carnivals…the list of fun things to do in cross River goes on and on. If you are a first visitor to Cross River, you’re excused if you’re unaware of all the fun Cross River holds but if you visit Cross River regularly and are yet to make the most of your trip to this Nigerian paradise, then you’re truly dulling yourself.

Having the best time ever in Cross River lies in knowing the right places to visit. So I will do you one good and list the 5 top places you must see during your next trip to the State. Remember to take you camera and selfie sticks as the views at these locations are simply breathtaking. Here we go:

1 | Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort

Adapted from NigerianBulletin

Image: NigerianBulletin

This is a wonderful tourist attraction. Open to business and leisure activities. It has world class facilities that enables its users to engage in leisure, entertainment, retail and wholesale activities. It’s considered as home to movie production studios, casinos, night clubs, restaurants and pubs.

2 | Agbokim Waterfalls


Image: Come to Nigeria

The Agbokim Waterfalls is a captivating and alluring site to behold and a perfect location for nature-loving tourists. It is made up of 7 streams surging over a steep cliff, resulting in a seven-faced waterfall which levels out into the tropical rain forest.

3 | Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary

Image: Travel Start

Image: Travel Start

The Afi Mountain Wildlife Santuary is home to endangered species such as gorillas, rare chimpanzees, and monkeys. The largest migration of swallow roosts on the African continent is hosted and watched at this location.

4 | Obudu Mountain Resort


Obudu Mountain Resort | Adapted from Nigerian Bulletin

This is a perfect location for families and holiday makers. It features a water park with water slides and a swimming pool, a golf course, night time burn fires and horse-back riding. If you’re looking to have a memorable trip with your loved ones, then Obudu is the place to be.

5 | Kwa Falls

Image: Gavin Fordham (Flickr)

Image: Gavin Fordham (Flickr)

An extension of the Kwa River, its sparkling waters surges down rocks over the Oban side of the National Park. 234 steps are made to the Kwa falls and the waterfall flows into a canopy of mangrove and rain forest.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start booking your next trip to Cross River. And no worries, you can thank me later.


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