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Luxury Travel: You’ve Got to See the World’s First Motorized Luggage! | VIDEO


Luxury Travel: You’ve Got to See the World’s First Motorized Luggage! | VIDEO

MODOBAG, the world’s first motorized, rideable luggage, is out to change the way you think about suitcases through its dual luggage and transportation design. With a speed range of 5mph to 8mph, travelers can ride on the suitcase which is about three times faster than walking according to the manufacturer. Absolutely perfect for when you have to go from one terminal or gate to another in particularly huge airports like Heathrow.

Walk or ride? The choice is yours as the MODOBAG provides both options. It features collapsible, telescoping handlebars for controlling drive, effortless stroll and easy towing. Its seat is made of memory foam and if you ever need to charge up your phone, look no further as this bad boy is equipped with illuminated dual USB charging ports and so much more! I think this is absolutely genius!  There is no better way to turn layovers and annoying flight delays into adventurous moments than to hop on your MODOBAG and go on a wild ride around the airport!


To learn more about this awesome travel invention, visit  the MODOBAG brand’s website.

Bon voyage!

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