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Bez Idakula Drops Sophomore Album, ‘Gbagyi Child’ + Style Recap


Bez Idakula Drops Sophomore Album, ‘Gbagyi Child’ + Style Recap

Bez Idakula album-cover

Whenever I think of Afro-soul singer Bez Idakula, popularly known as Bez, I think of ‘That Stupid Song‘ off of his Super Sun album. That song stuck in my head for years – but I can’t remember if it was because I wanted it to or because it’s just one of those songs that refuses to leave your memory. Now the singer is back with his sophomore album titled ‘Gbagyi Child’ and I can tell you the tracks on this album are already putting my heart on fire!

Every song on the album is a joy to listen so it’s been hard picking a favourite. I’ve had ‘If I Was A Baby’, ‘Good day’, ‘Breathe’, ‘Zamuce’, ‘If To Say’, ‘There’s A Fire’, ‘Eternity’, ‘My Baby’, ‘You Suppose Know’ on steady repeat. Hey! I’m a true fan.


No other Nigerian artiste does alternative music quite like Bez. The singer / songwriter, and stellar guitarist has such a unique voice and playful stage presence that makes his audience feel relaxed anytime he’s on stage.

His performances are always outstanding and he brings to every stage his unique sense of style which can easily be described as eclectic and laid back. His hats, whether traditional or western, have become a central part of his style so you would almost always see him donning one.

Here are proof that Bez does style as well as he does music.





Bez Idakula  bez-11







Photo credit: IG | Bez Idakula

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