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Why We Are Crushing on Nigerian Hair and Beauty Blogger Kiitana | Crotchet Lookbook


Why We Are Crushing on Nigerian Hair and Beauty Blogger Kiitana | Crotchet Lookbook

Kiitana hair

Nigerian YouTube beauty guru and protective hairstyles InstaStar Kiitan A. of is widely known for her hair styling tutorials, makeup tips, DIY projects and tutorials, and fashion advice. Her bold hairstyles have gained her popularity in the online world and due to high demand she has branched out into designing her own line of wigs. For those who don’t know her, Here’s one of her many videos.

Aside her pretty face, fabulous personal style and endearing personality (which can be seen in all her YouTube videos), her daring, Afrocentric hairstyles has got not just us but her over 120,000 YouTube subscribers and 215,000+ Instagram followers wanting to see more of her.

We’ve curated some of our favourite crotchet styles on Kiitan to inspire your next crotchet hairstyle. Research has shown that crochet braids are one of the best protective styles to help grow your hair without much manipulations, for both natural and chemically treated hair. No wonder why more and more girls are favouring crotchet styles.

Take a look and tell us which of her hairstyles has given you an idea of what look to try next.


Curls for Days!

Kiitana curls

Afro of Life!

Kiitana afro

Photos: | IG: @Kiitana

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