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Kelechi Mgbemena Shows Us How to Make an All-Natural Face & Eye Makeup Remover | DIY Beauty


Kelechi Mgbemena Shows Us How to Make an All-Natural Face & Eye Makeup Remover | DIY Beauty

Kelechi Mgbemena

Since the Naira is continue to lose value and the economy is at its “lowest”, what could be better than helping you save some money? How about a home-made quick and effective makeup remover which not only takes off your makeup, but also helps to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face.

To help you get started on this beauty recipe, you will need:

1. 3 Tbs 100% Coconut Oil

2. 3 Tbs of Witch Hazel Solution

3. 3 Tbs of 100% Organic Rose Water

4. An Empty Bottle: To mix ingredients

Below is a how-to video with step by step instructions by Kelechi Mgbemena.

So what are your favourite DIY beauty tips? Comment below and let us know.

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