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Marjani Beauty & The Wrap Life Presents: Stylish Everyday Headwraps


Marjani Beauty & The Wrap Life Presents: Stylish Everyday Headwraps

Iam such a big fan of headwraps, one of God’s many gifts to women especially us natural Sistas. You can “cash me ousside” spotting bold and vibrant coloured headwraps from time to time, be it for fashion sake or because I’m in a period of hair rut. By the way, if you ever find yourself in that position, check out my previous article on How To Overcome a Period of Hair Rut or Bad Hair Days With Stylish Headwraps | VIDEO.

Because there’s no such thing as mastering too many headwrap styles, beauty e-commerce company Marjani Beauty collaborated with The Wrap Life, a company that specializes in headwraps in different fantastic prints owned by Nnenna Stella to create a beauty editorial of stylish everyday headwraps, showcasing the alternative ways ladies can rock them.

Take a look at more fun printastic headwraps by the duo below…

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