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10 Super Chic & Unique Ways To Style Your Jeans As Inspired by Cassey Bassey | Hey Fashionista!


10 Super Chic & Unique Ways To Style Your Jeans As Inspired by Cassey Bassey | Hey Fashionista!


We could talk about jeans all day because why not, but we would put a cap on it by summarizing and stating that ‘Jeans are amazing!I can’t think of any outfit that is more versatile, more comfortable and eclectic than a pair of good jeans. It’s easy to wear, easy to style and can be worn almost anywhere which has made it a must-have for ages. However, the dilemma is “How many jeans should you have and how many more ways can you style it?”

We would answer this question with a photographic manual with style influencer Cassey Bassey as our muse.

Meet Cassey!


Cassey Bassey is one of the most distinct Nigerian style bloggers in recent times. The blogger who is also a stylist and personal shopper has been on countless of projects and has been consulted by stars and socialites alike to upgrade their closets.

Her style choices are so impressive and distinguished that it is not hard for us to see why lovers of flashy style turn to her when duty calls. While we love her playful combinations and eccentric picks, our lenses are focused on her denim style.

Jeans are versatile; we’ve already made that clear but did you know you can achieve so much more with them? Well, that’s why we have put together 10 super chic styling options for our Style Ravens.

Pair your high-waisted jeans with an off-shoulder top

Opt for an embroidered jeans

Go for a stylishly sporty look with your favourite bomber jacket

Be adventurous with an oversized shirt

Denim over denim never fails!

Why keep it simple when you can opt for a graphic tee

Whip out your strappy heels for a night out with the girls!

Let the fishnet peek out of your ripped denim

Pair it With a fit and flare top with matching accessories

Glam up your distressed jeans with a dressy shirt

We bet you can’t wait to try out all or some of these looks? If you feel this way then we have achieved our aim.

How many jeans have you got and how do you style them?

Photo credit: IG | Casseybassey

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