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5 Nigerian Style Influencers Who Are The Rave Of The Moment


5 Nigerian Style Influencers Who Are The Rave Of The Moment


Instagram is the number one place to catch a glimpse of what’s currently in vogue in the fashion-sphere; it is a place to seek out street and event style inspiration, where you find the necessary stimuli to want to dress well to work but there’s a catch. Not everyone on Instagram slays. You have to be able to find the right players in the game and that’s why we have taken the time out to list 5 top Nigerian style influencers recommended to inspire our Style Ravens daily.

Here are the 5 Insta-fabulous style influencers you should be following…

Ronke Adefaloju

Popularly known as Rhonkefella, her page is filled with inspirational messages/tales backed up by amazing images where she rocks trendy and classy pieces. With a versatile look and an equally version style range, this top blogger can be anyone and everyone on the style chart.


Cynthia aka CY

You could say Cynthia is the Nigerian goddess of ‘hotness‘ and you would be right! She is sultry, fierce and sexy.


Nini Enefola

Nini may be one of the old gals in the game but she is hilarious and sweet and her style is girly and feminine.


Mimi Onalaja

Mimi Onalaja knows how to appear elegant in every look! The presenter can move through all types of styles depending on her mood or the event and she does so effortlessly.



Chichi serves classy and elegant styles with a little dip of hotness. With her fresh and posh style, it’s easy to see that she definitely dresses for the younger generation.


I bet these style influencers are quickly becoming your style references! If you incorporate one or two inspirations from these influencers, you are going to get Insta-famous in no time as your feed is guaranteed to be LIT!

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