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Model Spotlight: Meet Germany’s Next Top Model Season 8th Winner, Lovelyn Enebechi


Model Spotlight: Meet Germany’s Next Top Model Season 8th Winner, Lovelyn Enebechi


Have you ever dreamed about being a model?  Or tried to act or look like a model in a mirror? Or spent hours day-dreaming about being in a fashion show, hitting the runway or posing for magazines? Like many young girls all over the world, you must have had these model fantasies at some point in your life but this post isn’t about you or your wild dreams of becoming a super model.

Our model spotlight is turned on German-Nigerian fashion model Lovelyn Enebechi, winner of the eighth cycle of Germany’s next top model which had a whooping number of 15,500 applicants. You could say her win was through hard work, perseverance and a stroke of luck.

With a strong affinity for the colour black, Lovelyn’s style can be described as being laid back and fresh with a touch of sporty. While models might walk the runway in the most fashionable clothings, not all of them have a unique sense of style; ironic but true. Thankfully Lovelyn Enebechi is different. She might not set trends like Kylie Jenner or Gigi Hadid but she most certainly has a following of her own thanks to her simple and relatable appeal.

Here’s a look at a few of her cool style choices…


Photo credit: IG| Lovelyn_enebechi

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