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5 Times Mimi Onalaja Proved She Has Mastered The Cool-Girl Style!


5 Times Mimi Onalaja Proved She Has Mastered The Cool-Girl Style!


Ever seen one of those girls who seem to have perfected the effortless look that we all covet? I’m talking about the ultimate cool-girl look! Mastering the concept of cool is one of those enigmatic pursuits that can take a lifetime to wrap your head around if you aren’t learning from the right sources. But really, who can wait a lifetime when you can watch celebrities like actress/TV presenter Mimi Onalaja who have mastered the ‘cool-girl‘ attitude and learn from them.

The secret to being a cool girl is to keep things stylishly simple and build your style around your favourite wardrobe staples and this is exactly what Mimi does. She steps out looking effortlessly stylish every time without overdoing it. The TV girl is known for her simple yet attractive style which comes off as though she required little to no effort at all to pull it off. Mimi loves wide pants, jumpsuits, and dresses and rocks these outfits without trying too hard.

Here are 5 of Mimi’s cool-girl moments…

Photo credit: IG | Mimionalaja

There are only a few people that have the ability to keep a look simple and yet draw your attention and Mimi Onalaja is undoubtedly one of them.

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