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Interesting Ways Fashionistas Are Rocking The Cropped Sweater Trend


Interesting Ways Fashionistas Are Rocking The Cropped Sweater Trend


Cropped sweaters are hard to wear because the style sort of contradicts with the season being that crop tops are for the warm season while sweaters are generally meant for the cold season. If you do think that crop tops are only for warm season months, then you are sadly mistaken. Cropped sweaters are a great way to layer for the cold season and they tend to add little extra feminine touch to any outfit.

Asides from whether the combination makes sense or not, many cropped sweaters have the tendency to be unflattering because a lot of them have a boxy wide shape. However, with the right body type, you can pull the look off just like Kim Kardashian pulled off this look.

Kim Kardashian West

Kim K isn’t the only one who has gotten a hang of how to style the cropped sweater. While we have to give it to the queen of slay with this blush number, there are so many other fashionistas and celebrities alike who have rocked their sweater crop tops in unique ways.

The cropped sweater is a great transitional item and it can be worked into many looks depending on whether you’re headed for a day or night time rendezvous. There are several ways you can channel your inner fashion girl when styling your cropped sweater. The trick is to find a piece that’s a bit oversized. It may sound a little strange, but in this case, ‘cropped’ is more about the boxy, above-the-waist cut than the shrunken look.

Other fashionistas have styled their cropped sweaters with everything from high rise jeans to mini skirts and many opt for the layered look but a few rock theirs unlayered.

Check them out…

Andy Torres


Gigi Hadid


Jessica Alba

Kendall Jenner


Miss Enocha

Natasha Bisous



Vanessa Hudgens

What do you think of cropped sweaters? Is this look a violation of what sweaters should be, or is this look super-stylish? Where would you wear a cropped sweater? Leave your comments below! 

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