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Nyané Lebajoa Proves That Black Girls Can Rock Colourful Hairstyles Too!


Nyané Lebajoa Proves That Black Girls Can Rock Colourful Hairstyles Too!


You can’t rock coloured hair because you are black! Ever heard those words before? A lot of black girls have allowed the idea that we can’t rock coloured hairstyles cloud our judgement. We’ve always felt that bold hair colours aren’t for us and thus we stuck to black, brown, maroon and in recent times, purple, while silently wishing we could rock any kind of colour we wanted. Thanks to Instagram we’ve been able to see fashion in a whole new light as there are those who will experiment, share with us and make us fall in love with styles that we would never have imagined or thought of. Nyané Lebajoa, with her take on colourful hairstyles, has opened a whole new world for girls of colour as we can now dream up any hue we want and based on our undertone, pick a shade that’s neither black nor brown and make it work for us.

However, it still takes confidence and inspiration to be able to pull off some amazing shades. We must remember to pick hues that flatter our skin tone or end up looking washed out instead of glammed up! Nyané Lebajoa is one to look up to for colour hair inspiration. The South African model, travel blogger and entrepreneur has won a lot of hearts, ours included, with her colourful weaves and attachments, proving that black girls totally rock and can slay in any hair colour on the rainbow and beyond.

Let Nyané inspire you!

Photo credit: IG | Nyane 

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