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The Right Way To Properly Clean Your Make Up Brushes | SR Beauty


The Right Way To Properly Clean Your Make Up Brushes | SR Beauty


Have you ever washed your make up brushes or applicator tools?  I know most of us are guilty and console ourselves with the fact that we are the only ones using our tools. However, makeup brushes and other applicators should be cleaned often and this is to avoid a long list of infections! Just like ensuring a great sense of hygiene with overall health, cleaning makeup brushes should be a habit if you intend to keep skin infections and breakouts like acne and eczema a at bay. It also helps to make them last longer.

Makeup brushes should be cleaned very often as dirty makeup brushes are breeding places for bacteria. Leaving them riddled with dirt can cause blemishes and even more serious breakouts on the skin.

Cleaning your makeup brushes should, however, be done carefully, following these four key tips!

1. Never soak your brushes in water

Rather than soak the brushes, run them under lukewarm water to get out the dirt and grime from foundation, powder, eyeshadow etc. Ensure the water is not too hot.

2. Avoid harsh detergents

Never use harsh detergent to clean instead opt for mild shampoo to wash brushes. Gently rub on the brush till it lathers, do this till the lather comes off clean and clear that’s how you know it’s clean.

3. Be gentle

Be gentle with the bristles. Don’t wash like you’re washing a tee-shirt. You have to be careful with the bristles so they don’t come off loose or alter the shape of the brush. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly, inside and out.

4. Blot not wring!

Don’t wring the bristles to get water out, blot them using a clean towel or face cloth by laying them flat for a while then flip them over after some time to get both sides dry. Make sure not to get water in between the end of the brush and the handle so it doesn’t become weak and fall off or get ruined.

Photo credit: Google Images, Pixabay

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