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A Salute To The Androgynous And Athleisure Slay Moments of LOLA OJ


A Salute To The Androgynous And Athleisure Slay Moments of LOLA OJ


There are some people that we can count on when it comes to putting their best style foot forward at all times and among this group is socialite and beauty entrepreneur Lola Ojetola popularly known as Lola OJ. Whether she’s busy filming for her YouTube channel, attending functions or meetings, the young business woman always stays fabulous in effortlessly styled yet impeccable looks.

Lola consistently showcases her unique style by wearing a rotation of pieces selected both from high-end to affordable and made in Nigeria brands. The beauty pro has an undying love for all things black and her attraction to androgynous and athleisure pieces is a fail-safe combination. No matter the time of day, Lola goes for the minimalistic look rather than being really loud. She prefers to stick to neutrals and solid colours and one thing is for sure, she’s confident in her looks, has mastered her style and knows exactly what works for her personal brand.

Here are 15 times Lola’s androgynous and athleisure style took over!

Photo credit: IG | Lolaoj

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