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Sexy Mama! Be a Beach Bombshell In African Print Inspired Swimsuits!

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Sexy Mama! Be a Beach Bombshell In African Print Inspired Swimsuits!


Finding the right swimsuit for your body type can be quite frustrating. It is all about finding the ideal cut and style that will give you the most flattering beach body. Searching for the best fit will find you dealing with images of pretty cuts, plunging neckline, bold prints, to mention but a few as there are a lot of options to choose from.

With the extreme temperatures that run almost year round in most African cities, the need to find ways to cool off is ever present, and the beach or pool is always top of the list of places to hang out. So just how do you stand out from the sea of beauties flaunting their “summer bodies?” By rocking an African print swimsuit; that’s how! Forget the usual swim and bathing suits and get an Ankara or Kente suit specially made for you.

Let these ladies show you how!

















You’ll agree that these swimsuits are definitely hot! From the strategically placed cuts to the choice fabrics and their overall design, each of these swimsuits has what it takes to earn you “bombshell of the day.”

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